Hi all,

Kelly here – WELCOME to my website! I decided to create this site after with one purpose and one purpose only – to help you find the bets psychic hotline possible. I’ve used the services of many, many psychics thru the years and spend thousands of dollars and I think I know which the best one is ( hint – check my main page to learn more).

During my many hours of live and on the phone readings I learned one simple yet painful thing – not all psychic are created equal! There are plenty of good ones out there but also and unfortunately – plenty of scammers. I’ve been lied to, scammed and mislead many times and I don’t wish that even to my biggest enemy. So with my “expertise” in this field, which can be seen by my mile-long credit card bills and the hours logged on my cell phone, I’m starting this blog to help others who need advice from a psychic. The program I currently use and recommend is called Psychic Source and they have some of the most gifted and amazing readers I’ve ever take across with. I do think you will like them too! As an added bonus I have a great deal for you – call them up now and get 13 full minutes of live phone chat for only $10! The phone number is 1-855-479-5592 and it’s of course open 24/7. This is toll free number and works as main “hub” to all their psychics – when you call make sure to explain what type of reading you need and they will connect you with the right adviser.

It really is that easy and that cheap! I told you I’m a pro in these things right? So don’t waste time and money with others –  just trust my vast experience on this one. In the super rare case you don’t like your psychic or the reading you will get your money back 100% – that’s the guarantee they give but I’m sure you will be happy and satisfied. This company have been around for many years and they have  a super strict process who they hire as psychic readers. I’ve talked to many of them and they are all amazing! Knowledgeable, polite and accurate – these are the top 3 things that come to mind.

As i said – I’ve talked to dozens of psychics in different companies online or live in-person and I’ve spend a ton of time and money so I know a thing or two. This is THE ONE! Give them a shot and you won’t be disappointing!


Good luck with your readings!